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About us

App Sails is a boutique New Zealand based digital agency that specialises in innovative web, mobile and tablet solutions for local and international clients. Inspired by the vibrant, energetic, creative and entrepreneurial nature of Auckland, the city we call home, our team of internationally trained digital specialists take pride in their work and their ability to deliver world class solutions to a broad spectrum of business challenges. We are friendly, honest, reliable and extremely competitive and maintain a genuine interest in helping our clients decipher the latest web, mobile and tablet technology and understand how it can help innovate their business and surpass objectives.

Simplicity will stand out,
while complexity will get lost in the crowd.

The process


After your initial free consultation, you will be provided with a full scope of work required, complete with visual mock ups.


Your dedicated team will custom build your project to your specific requirements. You will be provided with continuous progress updates.


Before your project is delivered, you can be assured that it has withstood our rigorous quality assurance process.

Meet our team

We are a disciplined team of designers, developers, marketing specialists and much more...

  • Ryan Sharma
    Business Development

    Ryan is not just our highly skilled Financial Officer, but also through his wealth of experience in both high level corporate positions and retail/wholesale SME's he is equally adept at business systems consultation - streamlining systems and providing insights on how technology can improve business performance.

  • Aldrin Lenny
    Technology Director

    Aldrin, our Head of Technology has over 20 year's experience in software development, having fell in love with first the Apple MAC operating system back in 1999, and then iOS when it was launched in 2007 - It is fair to say the he knows a thing or two about building the latest App platforms, in the most cost-efficient way.

  • Mike Harland
    Marketing Director

    Mike Harland, our Marketing Director, is very highly regarded in the Digital Media industry. With 15 years of developing advertising strategies for a wide range of products across all mediums, Peter is an expert in creating a strategy bespoke to the client to maximise their return.

  • Jenifer Annie

    Jenifer, is our Developer is a total people person with a passion for precision operations, especially when it comes to business challenges and client interactions. She has several years of international exposure in work environments in various parts of the world including the United States. Middle East, Oriental regions.

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